Friday, April 20, 2012

Record stream media using mplayer

I really like a radio program that goes on air on a local radio. The radio is small, so they do not have a web site and podcasts even less. But they do have an online version of the radio broadcast.

Since the program goes live at 6am every day I always missed it (yes, I am not a morning type of person). To avoid such complications I wrote a simple bash script that calls mplayer to record the streaming radio at a given time of the day. The code goes like this:


LENGTH="65m" # lenght of the recording

mplayer -quiet -dumpstream -dumpfile RECORDED.dump \
echo $! >~/
sleep $LENGTH && kill `cat ~/`
rm ~/
So when I want to listen to the show I just use the unix "at" command to run this script at a given time. For instance:
# at -f -v 6am tomorrow
That is it. By the way, you can do that for video streaming as well. Enjoy

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